From the beginning Foxley Brow House has hosted numerous wedding parties.  Some wedding organisers have booked all the rooms for the weekend and then allocated rooms to their family and selected guests.

Sarah is a wedding florist with over 25 years experience of providing flowers in the style, variety, and colours chosen by the bride.  Sarah is well known in the North West for her creative flair and ran a successful floral business based in West Kirby that managed over 80 weddings a year.

Foxley Brow House is blessed with an acre of land ringed by a double planted beech hedge.  The site is accessed from the House from the orchard as well as enjoying direct access from the road.  Power and water supplies can be made available which are suitable to host celebrations in a marque.

There are at least two ways that a package can be tailored that meets your requirements:

1.     DIY Wedding: 

a.     Bed and breakfast

b.     Ground rental:

                                               i.     Access to site to erect and dismantle marque

                                              ii.     Supply of water as required

2.     Event management, which includes sourcing and managing:

a.     Catering and drinks (including license)

b.     Fireworks

c.      Flowers to suit your style and budget

d.     Lighting and sound services

e.     Marque company

f.      Music including “live acts”

The best events are planned well in advance.  On some occasions the garden has been re-planted with shrubs and flowers that compliment the chosen colour theme.  Much work is involved to ensure that the flowers will oblige on the day.  As a former exhibionist at The Chelsea Flower Show, Sarah understands that there is no detail small enough that is not important.